The following are reviews about our first publication, The History of the Ambulance Service.


'A lively and engaging narrative history of the evolution of the ambulance service over the last 120 years. This book brilliantly documents the advancement of the service from its origins of a haphazard provision in Victorian Britain to the amazingly advanced and professional NHS provision we see today.

'Whilst it’s beautifully presented layout with timelines, photos, fascinating facts and personal accounts ensures that this is an invaluable educational resource aimed at Key Stage 3, it will have much wider appeal. To anyone interested in emergency, health and wider NHS services, this book gives an invaluable insight into how the service we experience today has been shaped by technological and societal factors. Donations from the sale of the book to The Ambulance Staff Charity reflects the compassionate spirit of the thousands of staff who have and continue to serve their patients with great commitment and care. A real gem!'

Yvonne Ormston MBE, Chief Executive of Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust and former Chief Executive of North East Ambulance Service

‘This is an admirable initiative that aims to teach young people about the history of the ambulance service at a time when we need to attract a new generation of paramedics, clinicians and other vital staff into the ambulance workforce. As a former teacher the author has called upon his experience of teaching young people and this has resulted in a punchy, interesting resource that meets the challenges of the modern interactive world.'

Anna Parry, Association of Ambulance Chief Executives

'From the moment I picked up the book I was captivated. If you think you know the history of the ambulance service, think again! The depth of research that has gone into this book makes it such a compelling read.

'This book is suitable for all ages and there is something the will appeal to everyone. As an educational book it covers how the modern ambulance service was formed, how the 999 number came about and what happened at the beginning of the NHS. It is definitely worth a read.'

Steph Meech, Paramedic Practitioner Team Leader, South East Coast Ambulance Service